It's your journey.

I invite you to 

explore your story and discover your path.   

about the process

I believe that we all have an inherent wisdom: an inner compass that is a source of direction, inspiration and connection.  However, as we grow up and life places expectations on us, we can lose a connection with our intuition.  In a warm safe environment, I enjoy working with clients to re-establish this connection and sort through the barriers that keep us from the truth of any situation.  Often people feel lost or confused over very difficult experiences.  Toxic relationships and behaviors, grief and addiction cause tremendous pain and isolation.  When we learn to reconnect with our innermost inherent wisdom, we can begin to take steps towards positive change and growth.  I am here to walk with you in this process.

Areas of focus:                                                                 

Addiction and Codependency                                                                      Grief and Loss



Relationship issues

Spiritual Issues

Treatment Approach :

Humanistic and Person-Centered

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Play Therapy      

Mindfulness Based Practices

Expressive Arts

Spirituality (if requested)                                                                                                                        


$100 per 50 minute session

Sliding scale openings are available.


Victim Witness   

Out of network provider